Transatlantic Diner

Date – September 21st, 2012  11:30AM – 3PM NY, 4.30PM-8.00PM, GMT
Historic Village Diner – 7550 North Broadway Red Hook, New York 12571
Blinkers Restaurant, 1 Bridge St, Belfast, BT1 1LT, Northern Ireland

Project Objective:
Using a diner as a site for conversation, we are creating a meal between people of different nations that allows for exchange, the sharing of local foods, and a broader appreciation of culture.

Project Description:

The table is a place where people come together to share an experience and build connections.  With Transatlantic Diner, we are interested in using the diner as a site for this exchange, exploring sites that are similar, yet very different.

Transatlantic Diner will connect two diners, Blinkers in Belfast, Northern Ireland and the Village Diner in the Hudson Valley of New York, via an online video connection. Through this link, people at each site will share a unique meal with each other. They will be able to talk about the places they live, discuss what is on their minds, and share food through a menu exchange.

Beyond the experience at the table, Transatlantic Diner will create a website that allows those involved to upload images and share information.

A live stream of Village Diner will be shown inside and outside of Blinkers, and vise versa in the Village Diner.  The screening will allow passing members of the public and others who are not directly involved to view the live project.  The public are invited to interact in the project by taking photographs of their food and/or company to be uploaded online.  Via Twitter or Instagram. Photographs hash tagged with  #CNB12 and  #TAdiner will appear on the Transatlantic Diner website and on the Culture Night Big Screen on the side of the iconic Old Northern Bank Building in the City Centre.

The project will be a part of Culture Night Belfast 2012 – http://www.culturenightbelfast.com


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